We recognize that achieving our goals requires a multi-year commitment and the collaboration of many who touch those affected by obesity. That is why National Obesity Care Week is facilitating a national conversation about the importance of comprehensive care for people affected by obesity.

We are proud to stand with an esteemed group of healthcare advocates, educators and industry professionals, and encourage others to join us in calling to Change the Way We Care for those affected by obesity.

Through the collective efforts of all who support this Campaign, we can make a difference by:

  • Generating broad awareness of the complexity of obesity as a disease, and reinforcing the tremendous unmet needs among those who struggle
  • Sensitizing people to the role bias plays in preventing access to respectful, adequate medical care
  • Educating about effective obesity management strategies across the continuum of learning—from students to established healthcare professionals
  • Encouraging use of resources and tools to improve patients’ understanding of the full range of treatment options
  • Increasing comfort level in discussing and/or treating obesity in the medical setting

Learn more about our Campaign supporters and how you can get involved.